Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This and That--the "-ing" Edition


One is in the water dish and one is behind the tree.

Amanda has wanted a hermit crab for years--at least four years, or almost half of her life. I keep saying no. In her third-grade class this year, they broke into six small groups and evaluated and cared for fiddler crabs. So, at the end of the year, there were six lucky families who got to adopt these six pairs of crabs. When the note came home, I told her that we could bring a pair home if she was selected. She came home that day, excited: "Guess what Mom! Only six people's parents said that they could have crabs, so we get them!!" That weekend we went out and bought the plastic crab keeper, some food and other necessities. This has won me many "good Mommy" points. In fact, after hearing "no" for so long, she is still a bit curious about the change. "Mommy, why did you say I could have the crabs?" I told her that she had waited a long time and since the school needed to find homes for them, that I thought I'd let her keep them. Can I honestly admit to you, mom to mom, that I said yes, but was holding out a little bit of hope that she wouldn't be able to bring them home?

She has done a great job of taking care of them. I have told her how proud I am of her responsibility with them. It proves what I was saying yesterday. If I had nagged her, not only would she not have the satisfaction of doing it herself, but well, the crabs might not be faring so well, because she remembers better than I do.


The tops of two of these plants provided nourishment to some
nice four-legged creature the same night that we put them out.

What does staking tomatoes have to do with raising kids?? I have gotten a new perspective on that verse about training up a child in the way he should go. Click over to read my thoughts today at Faithlifts.

Training. Potty training, of course.

I have learned that in this area, Kyle is nowhere near ready for Silent Sidelines. We've been at this for over two months. He can stay dry if I faithfully take him to the potty, but he will not tell me he needs to go. In fact, I can ask him, "Do you need to go?" and I almost always get a "no." If I don't go with my gut and take him anyway, we usually have to change his pants a few minutes later. Yes, I know I keep saying that I'm trying to do this patiently, and I am, but ARGH! I just need to remember that this is an area where he needs direction. I cannot trust him with this. I know best. I am the mom!


Susanne said...

My daughter has been after me for months about crabs. But with 1 dog, 2 cats, almost a fish in each room, I too, have been saying no. I just can't make myself say yes.

Beck said...

Hermit crabs! Really? My daughter wants small yucky rodent things and fish. She has a fish, with the understanding that I will never, ever touch it.

Katrina said...

Good for you re: the hermit crabs. Seriously, you deserve a ton of Good Mommy Points, so I hereby bestow them on you. I know what you mean though -- about hoping it might not actually happen. But you were willing to follow through if it did, and that's what counts. Sorry about the potty training moving slower than you'd like. It'll come. Have you been using sufficient bribery? :)