Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Interview with Nicholas Sparks

I asked you what questions you might like to ask Nicholas Sparks, and two weeks ago Thursday, I participated in the first-ever conference call event from Hachette Book Group. There were about eight or nine of us who asked questions, and I think that there were a fair number of people on the call who just listened in. Having others on the call who brought in questions from their own perspectives made it even more interesting. What really thrills me is that Gina Holmes and Ane Mulligan at Novel Journey have posted the entire interview as a podcast on their site. When I was trying to take notes on the interview, I really tried to get some of Sparks' interesting fillers down like, "Hmmmm, blu, blu, blu. . . " but now you can hear it all yourself. So don't delay, click over to Novel Journey right now to not only hear one of the bestselling novelists of this decade (and don't forget me).

I took Katrina's question about his favorite sites on the internet (at 14:47), and her suggestion led me to his website, which is where I came up with my other question about who his favorite character is (3:26). The whole thing is less than 30 minutes, but if you just want to catch my moments of fame, you can find them at the time markers I listed. One of my favorite answers was about ideas that he has that hasn't been able to make work out (18:08).

This was such a unique experience, and I appreciated the opportunity to participate. The Choice is a great book. I know that I've read a book or two that he wrote, but that was many years ago, so I was glad to revisit his work. You can read my full review (and comment to win one of 5 books and 5 audiobooks) at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Dad said...

Just listened to the podcast; the interview was well done and very interesting. We are glad that you have made these book reviewing opportunites and that you enjoy them.

Katrina said...

Sounds very cool. I'll definitely be checking out the podcast, and am looking forward to hearing my famous friend interviewing a famous author. Thanks for the time markers -- I like the option of skipping to your parts and then listening to the other parts at another time. :)

Also -- just saw your dad's comment. Love it.

Coach J said...

Sounds great-I'll head over there to listen.

HipWriterMama said...

I just read your review. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check the book out.

Carrie said...

Well, what a fun oppertunity for you! That sounds awesome.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

What fun to listen to the interview and hear his voice.

I finished The Choice a couple of weeks ago - wonderful book. I have all his books, including Dear John, which I finally found last night. He can't write fast enough for me. He's one of my favorite authors. I've been hooked on him since Message in a Bottle and the memoir he did with his brother Mical just made me an even bigger fan.

Great review and great interview, Jennifer.