Sunday, October 07, 2007

Random Meme and a Random Winner

The winner of my Loving Well retreat bag (the bag only!) from the Beth Moore kit is

Speaking of Laura, last week she tagged me for 8 Random Things from My Kitchen. This fits here, because she won, I picked the winner from, and it's a random meme, so what a perfect way to end this post.

8 Random Things from My Kitchen

1. I love my coffee pot. My dad bought it for us for Christmas about ten years ago (before he had grandkids to pamper at Christmas!). I love it. Anyone who loves coffee loves it. When it broke after we had it for four or five years, I found out that for a $25 processing fee, they would fix it or send a new one.

2. My kitchen is not organized (surprise, surprise). I have three drawers that contain tools and measuring cups and spoons, and though some things sort of have a home, they go randomly in whichever place they fit best at the time.

3. I got one of those glass-topped stoves when we re-did our kitchen counters last year, because I always thought that it would be so easy to clean. I was wrong! Whatever spills on it bakes on right away. I think it's better to have spills under the burner grate (where no one can see them anyway).

4. I miss cooking on the gas burners that I had in my last two homes, but we don't have gas in this house.

5. Things always in my pantry: canned tomatoes, canned beans (black, kidney, green), ketchup, cereal, pop tarts

6. Things that are always in my freezer: ice cream, blueberries (freshly picked from summer while they last), chicken

7. Things that are always in my fridge: vanilla soy milk (Kyle likes to drink it, and I like it on my raisin bran and shredded wheat mix of cereal), 1 % milk, yogurt, lettuce, cheese (shredded and sliced), lunch meat, fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea

8. Things that I can't have in my kitchen here in Connecticut that I wish I could: Wolf brand chili, Blue Bell ice cream, cheap Mexican food (I can buy the items like taco shells, flour tortillas, salsa and refried beans, but they sure cost a lot more than in Texas!)

Edited to add a picture and a link to my coffee pot, and also to say that I forgot to tag 8 people. I've been tagged for another 8's meme, so I think I'll do my tagging then, but if you want to snag this one for yourself, go ahead.


Org Junkie said...

Yeeeeeeehhhhhaaaaawwwww! Oh my.. gosh I'm so excited, especially because it's coming from you!! And I love Beth Moore :) Thank you so much Jennifer! I can't remember if you have my address but I'll email you just in case.

You know we use to have a gas stove in our old house as well and I miss it terribly too. It was so much easier to cook on.


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Congats to Laura.

Jennifer, pop over if you get a chance...

click here

Katrina said...

Funny -- we have a gas stove here, and I miss my smooth-top electric stove from our old house! :) I really and truly hate cleaning this one and found the glass-top one easier. Your coffee maker looks very nice, by the way.

Stephanie said...

I think the day I saw Rotel on the grocery store shelf I actually did a dance. That could have only been in my head. But I know I definitely grinned all the way home! = )

App[liejuice said...

We have a gas stove. I love it. :)

Great meme. :D

Lori said...

Razor blade scrapers bought in packs of two are your friend... the only way to clean off the burnt food on your glass top stove.

Love that coffee maker - I can't believe you've had it for so long!

Heather said...

fun meme.
i'm with ya about the gas burners. i don't have them either. so much better, aren't they?

Helen said...

I just HAD to do a kitchen meme too, when I read yours - thanks for inspiring a post. :-)