Friday, October 05, 2007

This and That--with Pictures!

As if this whole week hasn't been about this and that, here is more of the same, but with pictures!

As I alluded yesterday, I was greeted with a nice package when I came home yesterday. This is what I saw when I got home:

I had to put it together a bit, but then I got working. Oh my goodness gracious, this Dyson vacuum cleaner IS worth the money.

See the dog hair around it? Our old vacuum wasn't working well, and this is prime shedding season, which means we had to manually use the Sweepa to have any hope of a clean carpet. I think I might be in love. Feel free to ask me in six months if I'm still so impressed, but from what I understand from personal testimony, it will keep doing the job. I toyed with the idea of buying the even-more-expensive one meant specifically for pet hair, but this one is obviously working fine. See the area behind it that I vacuumed compared to what's in front of it that I didn't?

Speaking of dogs, isn't the phrase, "It's a dog's life" supposed to have a negative connotation? The cause of all that dog hair is living pretty well in our house. I offer this picture as evidence:

Wanna win some stuff?? I haven't posted links to my contests this week, but Amanda and I reviewed a great non-fiction book for kids on Monday at 5 Minutes for Books. It's called Smart-Opedia. You can win a copy by leaving a comment by Sunday, but you should click over to read what she has to say at any rate. She's a little bit, well, enthusiastic.

  • I've also posted a contest over there for some cute kits from LittleMissMatched perfect for your tween or teen daughter that is open through Sunday.
  • The opportunity to win a Beth Moore Loving Well retreat tote bag (just the bag) from her retreat kit is still open here through Saturday as well.
  • And whenever I get my act together (hopefully tomorrow), I'm going to post a contest four books in a series for kids that I love. There will be three winners!


Leah in Iowa said...

My goodness, I can SEE that your new vacuum really works! Just look at all that black hair in the second photo! =)

Org Junkie said...

I am soooooooooooooo jealous!!!

Noodle said...

I love my Dyson with a love that is almost unholy. :) I understand.

Katrina said...

Ah yes, the Dyson is a wonderful thing. I hate cleaning, but even I get a sense of satisfaction when I see all the cat hair get sucked up out of our carpet and into the canister. It's a good feeling.

Stephanie said...

I'm impressed! If I ever have a house with wall-to-wall carpet I'm going to remember those pictures!