Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4 Things Meme

I do appreciate a good meme now and again, and since my friend Lori asked so nicely, I am going to do this one, right now. Maybe you'll learn something new about me. Maybe you'll discover that we have something in common.

4 Jobs I've Had:

1. Telemarketer--Go ahead, throw tomatoes my way. I was in high school and I made way above minimum wage, so I have no apologies for it.
2. Waitress--during college breaks. Loved it.
3. Teacher--for two years at a Christian school.
4. Personal Assistant/Freelance Writer/Mom/Head Chef/Laundress

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
2. The American President
3. When Harry Met Sally
4. Beaches (although it's been a while, I've seen it many times)

4 Places I've Lived:

1. Houston, Texas (Ironically although I've lived in 5 different places in that area over 20+ years, I never actually lived in Houston)
2. College Station, Texas
3. Portland, Oregon
4. Connecticut

4 TV Shows I Watch:

1. The Hallmark Channel has been showing 7th Heaven in reruns, so I've been trying to catch up
2. House
3. Seinfeld, any time it's on TV, and on my DVDs
4. Sports, Noggin, Cartoon network--they all get a lot of TV time, but for me they are background noise

4 Places I've Been:

1. Beaches in the Caribbean
2. Mountains in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and New York
3. Cities in the U.S.: Seattle, New Orleans, New York, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Chicago, L.A.
4. Cities in Europe: Paris, Rome, Venice

4 People who e-mail Me Regularly:

1. Katrina
2. Lee
3. my dad
4. Susan and Janice

4 Favorite Things to Eat:

1. Mexican food
2. Pizza
3. Ice Cream
4. Hummus (I'm a little addicted--still haven't kicked the habit)

4 Places I'd Rather Be:

1. I don't mind being here, but could I be alone, and could it be quiet?
2. If not, maybe a bookstore, in NYC
3. At a movie theater (I don't see movies often, but I've seen a couple lately, and it's a lovely escape).
4. If I wasn't alone, I'd go for being anywhere with some special friends.

4 Things I Look Forward to This Year:

1. More freelance writing credits
2. Going skiing in Lake Placid
3. Taking a wonderfully relaxing trip to a Caribbean resort alone--with Terry--but alone
4. Making some big changes to the house (I look forward to the results, not the painstaking process and decision-making)

4 People to Tag:

Feel free to ignore the tag if you've done it or if you don't want to do it:

1. Kelly, because I'm glad to see she's back to blogging
2. Stephanie, who always has something interesting to say
3. Heather, because she's moved and I still haven't changed the link on my sidebar
4. And an open tag for anyone who hasn't done it and think that they want to!


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

This is a popular meme today! It was fun to read your answers. I may play along soon.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the compliment, I think. = )

Being a telemarketer sounds like good training for being a mom - trying to convince people to do something they don't really want to do. = )

Lori said...

Caribbean resort - I'm so jealous!

Thank you for playing along with this meme. I so appreciate your friendship and compliments to me!

Dianne said...

This was fun to read. Beaches is one of those movies I can always watch. I first saw it on an airplane in 1990, crossing the Atlantic to Ireland. Then my sis and I watched it and we just bawled our eyes out. Love that movie!

Katrina said...

You are quite the well-traveled woman!

Noggin is on quite a bit in this house, you said, it becomes my familiar background noise.

Dad said...

1) It made me feel good that I made the list.
2)Movies - we seldom go, but American Gangster (violent) and Atonement (complex) were really good.
3) House changes - Watch HGTV, the program where people look at real dumps and then the designer will make them beautiful and functional on the laptop. You will get my suggestions on changes when we are there (whether you want them or not).
See you soon!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the tag. I plan to post this on Monday.

Nice to know another hummus fan:)

heather a. goodman said...

How fun! I'll get my answers up this week.