Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disney World: Never the Same Trip Twice

We've just returned from Disney World.*

I vaguely remember going as a child and then I had a fabulous time on a Disney Mom Blogger Mixer in 2008 where we got a first-hand look at Disney Magic (linked to a couple of my favorite posts). Last year I was so happy to be able to attend the first Disney Social Media Moms conference, and when the opportunity came up again, deciding to register was a no-brainer.

We knew we'd have fun, especially with the VIP treatment we get as conference attendees, but I honestly wondered if we'd all feel a little bit of the "been there/done that" since we vacationed there just over a year ago.

Silly me. What did come through loud and clear is that Disneyworld is never the same trip twice. Kids get older, the weather and crowds create different experiences (this year the weather was PERFECT, but there were more crowds), each resort gives a different feeling to the trip.

Kyle saw the moving talking trash can once last year, and really looked forward to seeing him/it again. He spied it at least twice this year, and that made his day!

I recently reposted a little recap of our last trip: You're Never Too Old for Disney Magic, and looking back at the pictures, it accurately sums up what I remember of that trip. We all just sort of reveled in the fact that we were at Disney World, and being treated to some fabulous events and experiences. I was enamored by the characters and all of it.

This year we just felt more settled and less rushed. We spent time almost every afternoon enjoying the pool at the resort, which the kids loved. The downtime was nice and made it feel a bit more like a restful vacation, and not just a big Disney experience.

Amanda took this picture right out of the safari car at Animal Kingdom.  Very cool.

We also experienced Downtown Disney for the first time, as well as Disney World after dark.  The kids enjoyed different rides and different parks (I think that Epcot was Kyle's favorite).  It was my first time at Animal Kingdom, since the kids went there with Terry while I was in conference sessions last year.

Kyle's not mad. This is his "astronaut pose."

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some wonderful personal memories from our family vacation here as well as some information about products and conference sessions over at 5 Minutes for Books.

I've just posted a review of the fantastic book that my son Kyle could not put down while we were there: Birnbaum's 2011 Walt Disney World For Kids, which is kid-tested and mom approved -- loved it!

*Disclosure: I paid a registration fee for the Disney Social Media Moms conference, but received benefits above and beyond my fee, including lodging at the Grand Floridian hotel.

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Carrie said...

Nope! Never the same trip twice. Which is what makes the anticipation and experience of it so very awesome! =D It looks like y'all had a marvelous time!

Alicia said...

My thinking was very similar. I was never into Disney growing up (we went to Disneyworld/Epcot once). Then, we moved to San Diego! How could we live 1.5 hrs from Disneyland and not go? I just had no idea what a magical experience it would truly turn out to be. The kids were in heaven. We were on a 3 day "deal", and I was even by myself with a 5 & 3 yr old! We made it even 12 hrs one day, and no one ever complained. It blew my mind. The one regret was my hubby was deployed. So we went again last year one day just so he could "see" and since we were about to leave CA. Sure enough-entirely different experience and special in it's own way. Oh, I can't wait to get back there!

So glad you guys had a memorable trip!

morninglight mama said...

Sounds like you and your family had a lovely time having fun together!!

Connie said...

A moving/talking trash can? I LOVE IT! I've been plenty of times but never knew it!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We've talked about taking the kids to FL for the Disney experience. Right now it looks to be a couple of years away. Hopefully by then I'll be done with diapers and afternoon naps.

John said...

Love the blue nailpolish (Amanda!)

Sarah said...

p.s. "John" is Sarah (sis-in-law). I share a blogging account with my dad, John. =)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Such cute photos. It's been about 17 years since we've been to Disney. I bet much has changed.

Allison said...

You are so never is exactly the same. We had a blast. THis was my 8month old's first trip and so there were special experiences and firsts all along the way. Have a great week!