Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Danced with Mr. Popper's Penguins

Not only did I get to go to LA to interview those who are on camera and behind the scenes on the new movie Mr. Popper's Penguins (out June 17), but I got to actually be on camera. As part of the press junket we had the opportunity to do our own little promo. It was a total blast!

Now I'm going to entrust you with my on-screen debut, but you have to promise to read the explanation as well. Because I'm humiliating myself (and firmly breaking Amanda's "Moms do NOT dance in public -- or really, EVER" rule) by posting this so that I can share the experience with you.

Several of us from the blogging crew took the opportunity to do this fun video. First, we had to get miked. The sound guy came over to me and gave me the wire, and said, "Put this down your dress." He had already told Chelsey from BreezyMama (who bravely went first) to put it down her shirt, so I was ready. Before I moved, he changed tactics, "Actually, put the cord out your sleeve." Then he clipped the mic pack on the back of my dress (strangely securely considering that there was nothing really to clip it to). You can see it when I turn around in the video.

The camera had a big green square around the lens with a sign that said "Look Here." That was a little challenging because our director, Tom (yes, we had a director!), was sitting right below the camera, so sometimes we were tempted to look at him.

I am bummed that he wasn't there when I went back in after shooting to take pictures. He was awesome. He made sure that we each got a good clip by doing several takes. If someone seemed nervous, he chatted her up. We were all giggling about the whole situation and he let us enjoy it.  I didn't feel like an idiot, though I'm quite sure I looked like one. For that matter, when I came back to take pictures so that I could blog it, they didn't make me feel like an idiot either, and the sound guy even volunteered to take my picture while I stood on the green screen, because he said that it was just a screen (He already sort of had me when he called my dress a "dancing dress," because it seemed sort of sweet).

Obviously, we were on the green screen, so there were no penguins there with us. We took our place on the mark where we were supposed to stand, and Tom cued us when "Nimrod" fell, so we could look down at the X marked for us.

What really intimated us was that there was no music. Nope. We were dancing with imaginary penguins to complete silence. I will be the first to admit that I lack the rhythm gene, so perhaps it's just as well that I have an excuse that there was no music?

Also, I'd like to say that it's true that the camera adds 10 pounds, but I look better than I feared I might, so I think I was captured just as I am.

I've interviewed other celebrities, and it's always a surreal experience, but this was the sort of behind-the-scenes look that feels like a once in a lifetime event.

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Carrie said...

Hey, that's a pretty cool experience!

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a fun experience!! :)

Sherry said...

You all were so great! I wish my anxiety hadn't got the best of me when it came to attempting mine, but I'm trying not to kick myself too hard over it. Yours turned out so good! :)

Whit said...

That is a dancing dress! Nice look behind the curtain :)

Chelsea said...

I love it! Looks fantastic (as for mine... um, my kids liked it -lol)

morninglight mama said...

You are super freaking cool in my book!!

planetnomad said...

That is just awesome! And tell Amanda that moms do too dance! (Stick out your tongue too)

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Very cool! (And you look great!)