Monday, March 24, 2014

Remembering What's Important

A while ago, Susan asked if I had some VHS home videos or 8mm videos I'd want to send to YesVideo to be converted to digital files.

Look at two of my favorite snippets in my post at 5 Minutes for Mom, and learn about the herculean effort I had to make to get that tape out of my dead video camera, and my sadness over all the memories I've already lost.

I've loved sharing those videos with my family and being able to relive the memories myself. Here's another snippet of a memory that was totally lost to me, but now is reclaimed through the beauty of video:
 I think it means even more, because I help teach preschoolers at the Bible study I attend. I know that Amanda learned this simple song that teaches her about Jesus at church, and I know that she learned even more about Him when she attended the same Bible study with me years ago.

I couldn't have seen this concrete reminder at a better time. Spring is so busy and important things often go by the wayside or get lost in the busyness of the urgent. I love teaching these little ones about Jesus each Wednesday morning, but by the end of March, I -- along with my other leaders -- are tired.

Instead of counting down the weeks, I can let the Amanda of of the past inspire me. Maybe 12 years from now, one of the parents of a child I've given my time to teach will look back on where their journey of faith started, perhaps with a snippet of him reciting a verse I helped him memorize.


Do you have outdated video files to which you'd like to have easy access? I can highly recommend YesVideo's service. Now you can even use those snippets to create gifts or send digital e-cards from Hallmark. Save 35% on your transfer through 3/31 with the code EASTER35.

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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